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Wineconsale strives to bring great and exceptional German wines to connoiseurs in all countries. We are not an agent; in the tradition of “Négociants” we consider ourselves as being people with a deep insight into a certain region, the producers in this region and their wines. Our region is Germany and all wines we present are of 100% German origin. “Made in Germany” is a symbol for TOP quality in many different industries and we would like to apply it to wine. 

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Wineconsale is in close cooperation with a small but well selected number of producers whose wines are great and sometimes exceptional. We are able to offer these wines exclusively to our partners all around the world. We believe that winemakers should first of all produce wine and be focused on the production in both the vineyard and wine cellar. Furthermore, they have to sell their products on the domestic market. Wineconsale supports these producers in their international business and together we can offer an efficient, quick and reliable service.